Durham Chronicle

Saturday, November 23, 1816

Information sent by Mr Alf Manners



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Mr James Johnson, paymaster of the said regiment, will attend at the house of Richard Williamson, Inn-keeper, Bishop Auckland, on the 5th day of December next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Sub-division Meeting of the Lieutenancy, then and there to be held to adjust the claims of the militia-men named in the subjoined list for Darlington Ward to the bounties for having extended their services and who were afterwards approved.

And that the said paymaster will also attend the Town-Hall, at Stockton, on the 4th day of December next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Sub-division Meeting of the Lieutenancy, then and there to be held, to adjust the claims of the militia-men named in the subjoined list for Stockton Ward, to the bounties for having extended their services and whowere afterwards apporved; at which times and places, the milita men of the above description named in the said respective lists, are desired to attend.

And Notice is hereby given , that the bounties payable in Easington Ward, Chester Ward, and in Norhamshire and Islandshire, not being yet fully received, future meetings will be advertised, for adjusting the claims of the men entitled to the bounties from these wards.

DARLINGTON WARD,*on the 5th December

The layout of the information in the table left is different to that in the newspaper.
No.  First name Surname Rank Residences Other information
1   Armstrong Corporal Darlington  
2 John Kelsey   Aycliffe  
3 Thomas Mowburn   Hurworth  
4 Edward Williams   Darlington  
5 Andrew Alnsley   Darlington  
6   Martin Serjeant Major Darlington  
7 Robert Atkinson Serjeant Darlington  
8 John Carr Serjeant Darlington  
9 Thomas Stubbs   Neasham  
10 Jeffrey Calvert   Darlington  
11 James Shutt   Darlington  
12 James Hall   Darlington  
13 William Allan   Darlington  
14 John Graham   High Coniscliffe  
15 Thomas Davison   Aycliffe  
16 Roger Naden   Norton  
17 William Bell   Cockerton  
18 William Richardson   Cockerton  
19 Thomas Walker   Cockerton  
20 James Wool? Corporal Darlington  
21 Johnathan Bee Drum Major Darlington  
22 Joseph Raine Serjeant Darlington  
23 Robert Kirby   Hurworth  
24 William Braithwaite Corporal Darlington  
25 William Crawford   Darlington  
26 Richard Bell Drummer Darlington  
27 James Calvert   Darlington  
28 Henry Chapman   Darlington  
29 John Dryden   Darlington  
30 Ralph Graham   Aycliffe  
31 George Tunstal   Heighington  
32 George Lancaster   Aycliffe  
33 Thomas Braithwaite   Darlington  
34 Robert Hutchinson   Aycliffe  
35   Wood Serjeant Aycliffe  
36   Wheatley Serjeant Darlington  
37   Wolfe Corporal Darlington  
38 William Angus Drummer Darlington  
39 Robert Storey   Darlington  
40 John Od   Aycliffe  
41 Hall Forster   Darlington  
42 John Stubbs   Neasham  
43 Thomas Robinson   Aycliffe  
44 John Richmond   Darlington  
45 Francis Williams   Darlington  
46 Robert Kirkham   Aycliffe  
47 William Robinson   Aycliffe  
48 Robert Burn   Darlington  
49 George Smith   Aycliffe  
50 Christopher Martin Serjeant Darlington  
51 John Crawford Corporal Darlington  
52 James Barlow   Darlington  
53 Thomas Byers   Darlington  
54 George Chapman   Aycliffe  
55 John Raine   Darlington  
56 William Richmond   Aycliffe  
57 Thomas Firby Serjeant Darlington  
58 Charles Hill   Darlington Inrolled in the room of Richard Ingleby, discharged
59 Matthew Pyeburn Serjeant Darlington  
60 Robert Robertshaw Drummer Darlington  
61 Thomas Lisle   Aycliffe  
62 Robert Graham   Neasham  
63 William Stubbs   Neasham  
64 Robert Dobson   Aycliffe  
65 William Keening Serjeant Darlington  
66 Thomas Basnet Serjeant Darlington  
67 Robert Peacock Corporal Darlington  
68 Titus Angus Corporal Darlington  
69 Robert Basnett   Darlington  
70 Thomas Hygate   Cockerton  
71 Mark Forster   Darlington  
72 Michael Lodge   Cockerton  
73 George Robinson   Aycliffe  
74 Joseph Wigham   Aycliffe  
75 William Bishoprick   Cockerton  
76 George Jackson Corporal Darlington  
77 Harrison Crawford   Cockerton  
78 Joseph Langstaff   Darlington  
79 William Waistell Serjeant Darlington  
80 William Hepple Corporal Darlington  
81 James Walker Corporal Aycliffe  
82 Henry Hope Drummer Aycliffe  
83 William Crawford   Cockerton  
84 Moses Crawford   Cockerton  
85 William Fowler   Darlington  
86 William Gent   Cockerton  
87 George Hoggett   Darlington  
88 John Hodgson   Aycliffe  
89 John Taylor   Darlington  
90 Richard Garry   Aycliffe  
91 Benjamin Wood   Aycliffe  
92 James Crawford   Darlington  
93 William Rochester   Aycliffe  
94 John Wray   Darlington  
95 Ralph Walker   Cockerton  
96 John Goldsbrough   Hurworth  
97 Robert Lancaster   Darlington  
98 John Barlow   Darlington  
99 Robert Ayre   Darlington  
100 Robert Preston   Darlington  
101 John Walton   Darlington  
102 ? ?   Blackwell