George Stocks

George Stocks was born in 1880 at Northowram, Yorkshire. He was the son of Michael and Ellen Stocks and had six siblings in the 1891 census. George married Edith Brooks Tingle November 12, 1910 at Birstall, Yorkshire. Edith was the daughter of Frederick Brooks Tingle.

In the 1911 census George was working as a teamster.

George attested January 26, 1915 at Pontefract. He was 33 years 3 months old, residing at Belton Street, Streethouse, near Wakefield. George joined the Royal Regiment of Artillery (R.A. & R.F.), Driver 84451.

George was posted to the 21 Reserve Battery, R.F.A. in France June 26, 1915. George had leave in the U.K. September 22, 1918 to October 6, 1918.

George Stocks is the great grandfather of Anne Brown of Aycliffe village.