John Joseph Hardy
John Joseph Hardy

John Joseph Hardy was born at West Hartlepool in 1886. He was the son of Robert and Eliza Hardy of Stockton. His two brothers, Thomas and Robert, also served in WW1.

John had joined the Royal Scots 3 August, 1905 at Uphall, Midlothian, Private 9285. He was 19 years 10 months old, 5' 6" tall, weighed 136 lbs, had a fresh complexion, blue eyes and light brown hair.

John married Frances Elizabeth McNamara. He served in India.

In 1913 he was transferred to the Army Reserve but was mobilized 5 August, 1914 at the outbreak of war. Sadly Joseph became seriously ill and was in hospital at Devonport where he died 2 days later, 7 August, 1914. John is buried at Devonport.

John Joseph Hardy is the uncle of Joe Hardy of School Aycliffe.