Matthew Denham


Many thanks to Beryl Wilson who has given us access to her grandfather's World War 1 memorabilia.

Matthew Denham was born 6 March, 1885. His father was William Denham, 1850 - 1920, and his mother was Elizabeth Taylor Stewardson. Matthew attested 11 December, 1915 and joined the 4th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry, Pte 202611.


Matthew Denham family photograph WW1

Olive Denham, née Kent, Cyril Denham, Matthew Denham and Josephine (Jean) Denham

WW1 postcards sent home

Birthday cards sent to his daughter Josephine (Jean)

Matthew lived at 2, West Terrace, Aycliffe and worked as a signalman for N.E.R. Matthew had married Olive Mary Kent July 23, 1913. He had 2 children, Josephine Kent Denham, and Cyril Denham.

Matthew was posted 10 April, 1917. Matthew received a gun shot wound in his left leg and suffered gas poisoning.

Matthew Denham in hospital from gas poisoning


Front of Hospital letter


Matthew Denham paybook

Matthew Denham's paybook

Matthew Denham's paybook

Letter sent by Matthew Denham to his wife

Letter sent by Matthew to his wife

Letter to his wife

Letter sent by Matthew to his wife

Matthew had 20% disablement. He was discharged 19 March, 1919.

Demobilization certificate

Matthew became an entertainer after the war. His sister suggested his stage name "Matt Vesper".

Matt Vesper on right

Matt Vesper on the right

Matt Vesper seated

Matt Vesper seated

Matthew died 15 February, 1929.


Olivia age 18

Olive age 18

Cyril Denham on right

Cyril Denham on the right

Olivia about 1938

Olive Denham about 1938

Denham family

Jean Denham. Cecily Denham, Cyril Denham and Olivia Denham about 1938