Percy Robinson

Percy Robinson was the son of John and Elizabeth Robinson of Hartlepool. In the 1901 census Percy, his parents and brothers Harold, Arthur and John were living at 31, Tweed Street, West Hartlepool. John Robinson was a Marine Engine Driller.

Percy was born about 1893. In the 1911 census the family were living at 43, Rokeby Street, West Hartlepool. Percy was an apprentice brass moulder.

Percy joined the Durham R G A 6 November, 1911, Gunner 5498. The family are still at 43, Rokeby Street. Percy was entered as Robson and not Robinson, and this continued throughout his war career even thought he signed forms as Percy Robinson.

Percy was 19 years 6 months old when he enlisted in 1911. He was 5' 8 1/4" tall, 10 stone, had good vision and his physical development was strong. His preliminary training was 6 November, 1911 and annual training took place 4 August, 1912 to 18 August, 1912, 2 August, 1913 to 16 August, 1913 and 2 August, 1914 to 4 August, 1914 when he was enlisted for War Service.

Percy was embodied 5 August, 1914. He served in France 10 December, 1915 to 12 October, 1916 and at home till 4 April, 1917.

Percy had returned to England for munitions service. R.H.C. Lyons, RAMC had certified that Percy was fit for any class of munition work 5 September, 1916 and sent this to OC 41st Siege Battery, RGA. 17 October, 1916, Percy was instructed to report immediately to the O/C No. 71, T.T. Depot, 42, Middlegate, Hartlepool to be taken on the supernumerary strength of that depot. Percy received a new number, 337603.

Percy was working at The Central Marine Engine Works, West Hartlepool from the 16th October, 1916. 4th April, 1917 Percy was discharged from service, his military character assessed as very good.

21 March, 1917, Percy was given a Bounty of £15

Percy applied to join the Durham Police Constabulary in 1920. A letter was sent to the RGA Records at Dover, 18, September, 1920 asking about his conduct and character while serving in the army, and whether he was suitable for admission to the Police Force. 20 September a reply was sent stating his service was quite satisfactory and his military character very good.

5th February, 1921 Police Constable Percy Robinson, No 333, of the Durham County Constabulary sent a letter to the RGA Records at Dover enquiring about his 3 medals he was due. Percy was serving at Houghton Le Spring Police Station, William Street, Houghton Le Spring.

Percy received his 1914 -1915 Star 11 March, 1921.