Robert Storey Oates

Robert Storey Oates, born 22 May, 1896, St. Helens Auckland, Co. Durham, died in September, 1978. He was the son of John Oates, born 1838 in St. Helens Auckland, and Agnes Thirwall, born 1858 in Whitehaven, who ran the sub-post office in St. Helens. Robert served in the Royal Engineers.


Robert Storey Oates is the father of Alan Oates, Churchwarden of St. Andrew's Church, Aycliffe.

Robert S Oates photograph WW1

Robert Storey Oates is indicated on the right


Robert S Oates WW1 by truck



Robert Storey Oates January 1916

Robert Storey Oates, 4th left in 2nd row.

Railway Stores Park Convoy, January 1916.