Thomas Boddington

1880 - 1940



Thomas Boddington on horse WW!

Tom Boddington, photographs courtesy Mrs. Ida Hadrick

Tom Boddington was the son of Joseph Boddington born 1852 in Chawson, Bedfordshire. In the 1881 census Joseph and his wife Margaret and 3 children were at Cape House Farm, Redmarshall. Tom was 9 months old.

In the 1911 census Tom and his sisters Jane and Lizzie were running the Gretna Green at Travellers Rest.

Thomas served in WW1 and was Lance Corporal 419002, 47 Labour Corps, West Yorkshire Regiment.

Tom married Isabella Boddy in April 15, 1914 in St. Andrew's Church, Aycliffe. They had two daughters, Hilda Boddington, born 1915 and Ida Boddington, born1920.

Isabella Boddy is the sister of Joseph and William Boddy who served in WW1.


Travellers Rest

Travellers Rest

Gretna Green Wedding Inn, Travellers Rest

Gretna Green Wedding Inn, Travellers Rest


Hilda and Ida Boddington

Ida and Hilda Boddington

Ida married Thomas Hadrick and Hilda married John Lax.

Tom Boddington later lived at 1, Tannery Cottages, Travellers Rest and died 13 May, 1940.