Thomas Matson

Thomas Matson, Gunner 6564, had attested 6 November, 1915 at the 151st (Darlington) Heavy Battery Corps. He lived at Heworth Cottage, Aycliffe, and was 22 years 4 months old. Thomas was 5' 7" tall, and had a chest measurement of 38.4 inches with a range of 21/2 inches. His father was William Matson of Heworth Cottage, Aycliffe.

Thomas served in England 6 November, 1915 to 18 June, 1916. He was in France 19 June to 1 October, 1917 and then in England 2 October, 1917 to 21 November, 1918.His character was very good. Thomas received a weekly pension of 8/3, to be reviewed 25 November, 1919, for 30% disability.

Thomas was the son of William Matson, born in Morden, and Mary Ann Robinson, born in Aycliffe. Mary Ann was the daughter of Jarvis Robinson, who was living with them in the 1911 census, age 77.