Thomas William Wooff

Thomas Wooff group WW1

Thomas William Wooff was born 1899. He attested April 4, 1917 at Halifax. Thomas was 18 years 13 days old. He was 5'9" tall, weighed 143 lbs, and his chest measurement was 361/2". He joined the 8th Training Reserve Battalion and then the 3rd Battalion, West Riding Regiment, Private 22549. Thomas was a waggoner. January 31, 1918, Thomas was sent to France and then back home October 18, 1918 - he had been wounded October 12, 1918.

On Thomas's Dispersal Certificate of January 8, 1919, his address is 10, Rowland Street, Skipton. Thomas signed the receipt for his British War Medal January 9, 1921, and his Victory Medal March 16, 1921.

After being discharged from the army Thomas came to live in Aycliffe and lodged with Mary Burnside.



Thomas Wooff logging

Thomas Wooff logging

Thomas later married the widowed Mary Burnside, née Smith, and worked as a logger and with horses.

Thomas William Wooff is the step grandfather of Roland Burnside of Aycliffe.