WW1 Centenary Commemoration Tree Planting

September 7, 2014

Harry Moses tree planting commemorating WW1

Harry Moses

Chairman of Aycliffe Village Local History Society

Wendy Hillary tree planting commemorating WW1

Wendy Hillary

Mayor of Great Aycliffe

At 3pm on Sunday 7 September 2014 under a clear blue sky a commemoration service was held on Aycliffe Village Green to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War and to remember particularly the 13 men from the village who lost their lives and are named on the War Memorial at St Andrew’s Church, Aycliffe Village.

The service was conducted by the Reverend Christopher Pearson, Team Rector of Great Aycliffe Parish.
To mark the occasion two new trees were planted; a Sorbus aria Majestica and a Sorbus aria Aurea.  One tree was planted by The Mayor of Great Aycliffe Town Council, Councillor Wendy Hillary and the other by Harry Moses, Chairman of our History Society.  The Reverend Pearson said a dedication prayer following which Elliott McKenna and Rebecca Adams of the villages Acle Scouts read out the names of the 13 men being remembered.

The Exhortation was read by Brian Wigley, Chairman of the Newton Aycliffe branch of The Royal British Legion.  Flag bearers representing The Royal British Legion and the Darlington/Newton Aycliffe Branch, Durham Light Infantry Association were present. The Last Post was played by Mrs Yvonne Woods and following a minutes silence the Reveille. The service was concluded with singing the hymn “Abide With Me” followed by The Lord’s Prayer.

Also in attendance were:- Great Aycliffe Town Councillors Malcolm and Sarah Iveson, Jed Hillary, William Blenkinsopp and Christopher Wheeler together with the Town Clerk, Andrew Bailey. Major Yvonne Richardson of 201 Field Hospital, Captain Kevin Yarker of 102 Battalion (REME) and Ben Lakey Civilian Instructor with two cadets from 1407 (Newton Aycliffe) Squadron.

The Village Acle Cubs and Scouts with their Leaders fronted a large congregation of members of the History Society and Villagers of all ages.
Afterwards Colette Farrell of “The County”, Aycliffe Village Green kindly provided a complimentary buffet with tea and coffee for the invited guests of the History Society.

David Lewis

Lowering of Standards at Last Post

Lowering of the Standards as the Last Post is played

Military at WW1 tree planting ceremony

Military guests

Those who attended the WW1 tree planting ceremony

Those who attended the ceremony

Scouts reading the names on the War Memorial in Aycliffe

Scouts reading the names of the men on the War Memorial

Edward Henry Pratt's grandchildren placing cross

Grandchildren of Edward Henry Pratt placing cross with his name

Wendy Etheridge placing croos with Anthony Coates name

Wendy Etheridge placing the cross of her relative, Anthony Coates

Muriel Scott placing her uncle William Rutherford Scott's cross

Muriel Scott placing the cross of her uncle William Rutherford Scott

Cross being placed by tree

Cross being placed

Cross being placed by tree

Cross being placed

Cross placed by tree

Cross being placed

Cross being placed by tree

Cross being placed

Cross being placed by tree

Cross being placed

Crosses by tree Crosses

Wendy Hillary and Harry Moses

Wendy Hillary and Harry Moses with the ceremonial spade


WW1 Tree Planting Plaque Wendy Hillary


Tree and plaque Wendy Hillary

Tree planted by Mayor Wendy Hillary

WW1 Tree planting plaque Harry Moses

WW1 tree planted by Harry Moses

Tree planted by Mr Harry Moses