Weaver's Indenture

11 July, 1763


Weaver’s Indenture 1763

This Indenture was for Ralph Graham of Great Aycliffe, Weaver, to take a poor child, William Walker, son of Thomas Walker, of Darlington, as his apprentice for 10 years. The Overseers of the Poor and the Church Wardens of Darlington Parish Church were involved in organizing this agreement. This cost £30 to be paid to the Church Wardens and Overseers. Ralph Graham himself received 40 shillings from them to provide for William Walker provided that William Walker did not cost Darlington or its inhabitants any further costs.

Source:D/X666/41, transcribed by Vivien Ellis.

Know all Men by these Presents

That We Ralph Graham of Great Aycliffe in the County of Durham Weaver and Robert Hutchinson of the same place Butcher are held and firmly bound to Robert Wastell and Francis Holmes both of Darlington in the same County Gentlemen Church Wardens for the said Town and Parish Church of Darlington aforesaid and William Aungle Mercer and John Harrison Woolcomber both of the same place Overseers of the Poor of the said Town of Darlington in the Sum of Thirty pounds of good and lawfull Money of Great Britain to be paid to the said Robert Wastell, Francis Holmes, William Aungle and John Harrison or their certain Attorney Executors Administrators or Assigns for which payment to be well and faithfully made we bind ourselves and each of us Joyntly and Severally and each of our Joynt and severall Heirs Executors and Administrators and every of them firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals dated this Eleventh day of July in the third Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third by the Grace of God of Great Britain ffrance and Ireland King Defender of the faith and so forth and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty three.

Whereas by Indenture bearing even date with these presents and made between the above named Robert Wastell, Francis Holmes, William Aungle, and John Harrison of the one part and the above bounder Ralph Graham of the other part; the said Robert Wastell, Francis Holmes, William Aungle and John Harrison Have put and bound William Walker Son of Thomas Walker a Poor Child of the said Town of Darlington an Apprentice to the said Ralph Graham in the Trade of a Weaver for the Term of Ten Years from the date thereof and hath paid to the said Ralph Graham fforty Shillings for the said Apprentice as by the said Indenture may appear Now the Condition of this Obligation and that if the above bounder Ralph Graham shall and do at all laws said  terms well and truly Observe perform fullfill and keep all and every of the Articles Covenants Clauses and Agreements whatsoever and the said Indenture contained and which on his part are or ought to be observed performed fulfilled and kept And shall and do during the said Term so find and provide for the said William Walker his said Apprentice that he be not any ways a Charge or Chargeable to the said Town of Darlington or the Inhabitants of the same but of and from all Charge during the said Term shall and do Save and keep the said Town of Darlington and all the Inhabitants thereof  harmeless and Indemnified of from and against all and all manner of Costs Charges Taxes rates and Assessments and Expences whatsoever which shall or may happen grown or arise or be imposed upon them or any of them for or by reason or means of the said William Walker’s being put and  bound as an Apprentice for the said Term to the said Ralph Graham as aforesaid Then this Obligation to be Void otherwise to be and remain in full force power and Vertue.

Signed Sealed and Delivered                         Ralph Graham
The Paper being first duly stampt                  Robt Hutchinson
In the presence of us
Robt Allan
Philip Macfarlane


11 July 1763

Ra: Graham                              Boud to perform
toDarliton Overseers                    Covenants Tho

    Walker Apprentice