Information sent by Mr Alf Manners

Land Tax of Great Aycliff



County of Durham Darlington Ward South East Division

An assessment for the Township of Great Aycliff in the said Division in Pursuanceofan Act of Parliament passed in the 23d. Year of his Majesty's reign for granting an Aid to his Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain for the Servise of the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Three:

Name of Proprietor Name of Occupiers Sum Assessed
Title First Name Surname Title/Other First Name Surname £ S D
The Revnd Dr.   Chaytor Gt Tythe Himself     3    
The Revnd Mr.   Robson Smal Tythe Himself     2 5  
Mrs Jane Norton Herself       12  
Mrs   Hodgson Herself     1 4
  Ralph Ord Esq. and Thos Ord   James Old   2
        Geo.  Wilkinson and Patrick Scott   2
Mr Nicholas Graham Himself       10
        John Craggs and Thos. Patterson   4
        James Moor   7 6
        John Storey   1 6
  James Smith Himself         6
Mrs Isabelle Adamson The Revnd Mr.   Robson   9 9
  John Boazman   Geo.  Wilson   12  
  John Boazman Snr.   John Taylorson 1 13
  John Boazman Junior   John Taylorson   2 3
Mr Richd. Gormonway   John Taylorson 1 6 5
        Anthony Dobbing   10 10½
        Wm. Hasswell   1
        Robt. Parkin, Thos. Crowder     9
Mr Thomas Ord   John Grieveson   11 3
        Thos. Robinson and Thos. Brown     10½
Mr George Ord   Benjamin Race   2 4
Mr   Terry   Robt. Jackson   16
        Robt. Forster   9 9
        Ann Crozier     6
  Geo. Crawford Himself       11 3
  Jno. Elcoat Himself and  Thos. Hammond   6 9
  James Clement Himself and  Richd. Burnand?   18
  William Kelsey   Richd. Chisholm and Jno. Finkel   7
  Richd. Elcoat   Thos. Appleby   6  
Mr Jno. Gibson   John Smith and Thos. Hadon? 1 118 11½
  Wm. Conyers Himself and  Thos. Hodgon   2
  Thos. Conyers Himself         6
  Richd. Kelsey Himself and  Wm. Hasswell   9
  John Wardel Esqr.   Wm. and Geo. Kelsey 2 1 3
  Wm. Sherrington   Richd. Richmond     11½
Mrs Ann Bowness   Geo.  Etherington 1 4
Mr   Hogg   Henry Appleton   7
Mr John Burrel   Jno. Shield   17
        Geo.  Oliver   1 10½
        Robt. Robinson    
        Johnathan Farthing    
            20 16 10
Name of Proprietor Name of Occupiers Sum Assessed
Title First Name Surname Title/Other First Name Surname £ S D
          Brought on 20 16 10
  Thos. Waldon Himself         9
Mr John Ball   Thos. Crowder    
  William Walker Himself         9
  Thos. R and Dr. Egertron   William Towers 1  
Mr Thos. Lancaster   Geo. Chapman   10 6
Mr   Searle   James Bryson 1 1
  Thos. R and Mr. Hall   Thos. Tyson   9 9
  Anthony Robinson Himself       1 6
  William Watson Himself       1 10½
Mr James Simpson Himself       7 6
      The Revnd. Mr.    Robson   14 2
        Geo. Rochester and Thos. Hammond   4
        Geo. Wilkinson and Geo. Bell   4 10½
        Geo. Fogg Seignior?    
  Christopher Best Himself       4 6
Mr   Holland?   Richd. Smith   2 3
Mr Thos. Lane   Nathaniel Walker   1 10½
  Ralph Graham Himself        
  Mary Walker Herself       1  
Mr   Wright   Joseph Simpson   1
Mr   Wood   John Shields and James Moor   5
  Robt. Robinson Senr. Himself       3  
  Thos. Hammond   Wm. Dixon and Jonan. Warmouth     10½
  Ralph Thomson Himself       6
  John Davison   Dorothy Graham     6
Mr   Catrick Himself         10½
        Thos. Davison and Geo. Thirkel   5
  Robt. Graham   John Turton and Geo. Bell     9
  John Chapman Himself         6
  Anthony Lisle Seigr.   Anthony Lisle Junior    
  Francis Squires   Thos. Walker   1  
Mr   ????yon Signr.   Matt. Davison    
  Thos. Watkin Himself         6
  Ann Vazey Herself         9
Mr Wm. Dewel   Andrew Temple   18  
  Thos. Newby Himself       1  
  Jno. Turner   Jno. Fogg    
Mrs   Richardson   Robt. Kelsey   1
            32 11
Name of Proprietor Name of Occupiers Sum Assessed
Title First Name Surname Title/Other First Name Surname £ S D
          Brought on 32 11
  Geo. Thompson Himself         6
        John Stamper    
  Susannah Smithis Herself         6
Mr Henry Young   Thos. Swinbank     6
  John Graham Himself         6
  Francis Perkins   John Perkins     9
  James Carter   Jane Snaith    
  Thos. Teasdale Himself         6
  Mark Stephenson Himself        
  Robt. Jackson   Thos. Lancaster     9
  Thos. Smith   George Fairbairns     3
            32 17  
Signed this 4th day of August 1783 by us
James Moor Assessors
Thomas Watkin
4th August 1783 Allowed by us
David Alless?
Wm. Wrightson
Loys? Wilkinson