Worked flint

by Brian Gargate

Many years ago I saw a map that indicated that worked flints had been discovered in a field at the junction of the old A1 road, now the A167, and a minor road leading to Great Stainton and Bishopton.

The field in question was on the south side the minor road, opposite the end of the Gretna Green Wedding Inn.

The spot where the flints were discovered was towards the east end of the field, near to the old Clarence Railway level crossing.

A ‘field walk’, with the permission of the farmer, and after the field has been ploughed, might reveal more.

At about the same time, I read in a book in the Black Gate library of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Society of Antiquaries that worked flints were discovered in the 1920s in the garden of a house at Milbank Road in Darlington .

But I cannot remember where I saw that map. Can anyone help?