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The History of Houses in the Great Aycliffe

Kindly reproduced with the consent of the owner. It is interesting to see who owned the property and who actually lived in it and in surrouding properties.

The Green, Aycliffe

Mr Isaiah Smith sold the property to Mr Peter Cockburn Scott 12th November, 1892. Peter Scott died 22nd February 1906, and by his Will left the property to his wife,Margaret, for the rest of her natural life. His wife and his son George were his executors. George Scott died 13th May 1907. Peter Cockburn Scott owned the saw mill - see the Mills page.

Dated the 12th November 1892

Mr Isaiah Smith
Mr P. C. Scott

Conveyance of Three
Messuages or Dwellinghouses
Situate at Aycliffe in the
County of Durham

Herbert W Bell
Hartlepool E W

This Indenture made the Twelfth day of November One Thousand Eight hundred and ninety two Between Isaiah Smith of West Hartlepool in the County of Durham Butcher (hereinafter called the Vendor) of the one part and Peter Cockburn Scott of Aycliffe near Darlington in the said County of Durham Builder (hereinafter called the Purchaser) of the other part Whereas by and Indenture dated the Third day of September One Thousand Eight hundred and eighty five and made between  William Smith therein described of the one part and the Vendor of the other part the hereditaments and premises therein and hereinafter described were conveyed unto and To the use of the Vendor in fee simple by way of Mortgage to secure the Sum of Fifty pounds and interest and such further sums as might be advanced not exceeding One hundred pounds as therein mentioned And Whereas an Indenture dated the Seventeenth day of March One Thousand Eight hundred and Eighty Six Endorsed on the lastly recited Indenture and made between the Same parties the said hereditaments and premises were further mortgaged by the said William Smith to the said Isaiah Smith to secure the sum Five pounds and interest and further sums which may be advanced not exceeding Fifty pounds as therein mentioned And Whereas default was made in payment of principal and interest and there is now due to the Vendor for principal and interest and costs the Sum of over one hundred and eighty pounds And Whereas in exercise of the Power of Sale Conferred by the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act 1881 and all other powers in anywise Enabling him in that behalf The Vendor hath agreed with the Purchaser to Sell to him the Said hereditaments and premises at the price of One hundred and Fifty pounds Now this Indenture Witnesseth that in pursuance of the said Agreement and in Consideration of the Sum of One hundred and Fifty pounds paid by the Purchaser to the Vendor on or before the execution of these presents (the receipt whereof the Vendor hereby acknowledges) The Vendor as Mortgagee hereby Conveys Unto the Purchaser All that the land and All those Three several Messuages or Dwellinghouses Erected thereon with the Yards garden and Stables adjoining thereto situate lying and being in the Village of Aycliffe in the Parish of Aycliffe in the County of Durham and now in the respective occupations of Messrs Kent, Rose, and Gladwin Bounded by premises now or late belonging to Nicholas Graham on the East in part by premises now or late belonging to George Brittain and in part by premises now or late belonging to James Clement on the west and by the Town Street of Aycliffe on or towards the South To hold the same Unto and To the use of the Purchaser in fee simple In witness whereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and Seals the day and the year first before written
Signed sealed and delivered by the said Isaiah
Smith in the presence of                                                     Isaiah Smith
Fred Hollingham
Clerk to H. W. Bell                                                               P. C. Scott
Sol. West Hpool


Signed sealed and delivered by the said Peter
Cockburn Scott in the presence of
Herbert W Bell
W. Hpool