War Memorial

1914-18 War
War Memorial, St. Andrew's Churchyard
1939-1945 War
Newton Aycliffe War Memorial, St. Clare's Church
We will remember them


Peace and Remembrance

Newton Aycliffe

War Memorial

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Newton Aycliffe Rotary Club raised funds for the new War Memorial at Newton Aycliffe. The dedication ceremony took place Saturday, November 8, 2008, and the first Remembrance Day Parade and Service took place the following day, Sunday November 9, 2008.

Many organisations and members of the public took part in both ceremonies.

Click on the link below to open a slide show of both events.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has kindly searched for all its entries that have Aycliffe or Newton Aycliffe connections and has given permission for this information to be put onto the website and for the hyperlinks to their search results for the people below.

Click on the person's name for further information. Click on CWGC to connect to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website entry.


1914-18 War
1914 -1918
1939-1945 War
1939 - 1945
Edward Henry Pratt CWGC John Snowden CWGC
Joseph Robinson CWGC George Simpson Tweddle CWGC
Walter Robinson CWGC  
William Scott CWGC  
George Slater CWGC  
Edward Wardle CWGC  
Leslie Gilbert Scott is not named on the War Memorial, but his headstone is in the churchyard. CWGC
1955 Armistice Day Service at the War Memorial in St. Andrew's Churchyard,  Aycliffe
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
also sent details about the following men:
Jack Desmond Pepper CWGC
Harold Speight CWGC
Roland Thompson CWGC
Harold Wright CWGC

Armistice Day Service, 1952/3.

Photograph with kind permission of The Evening Despatch.

Unveiling of Aycliffe War Memorial Wednesday, October 11, 1922

Somme 100

Those who served
World War I
World War II
War Effort
Absent Voters' List, October 1918 William Marr
Thomas Henry Balmer Miss M. Buckton & Miss H. Shaw, 1917
  John James Dawson  
Matthew Thorogood Akers   Victor Plaskitt  
John Atkinson James Marshall Frederick Rickaby Great Aycliffe Parish Council letter January 1915

Alfred Edward Avery

Moor Marshall Alan Wheadon Great Aycliffe Parish Council letter February 1915
  Sidney Marshall    
George William Baker      
Henry James Bell Thomas Matson    
Edward Wilfred Biglin William Jervis Matson   August 4, 1914 - August 4, 2014
Harry Watson William Biglin     September 7, 2014 - tree planting commemorating the men on the War Memorial
Thomas Birchall Robert Henry Maude  
John Blair Peter Maughan  

WW1 Exhibition, September 13 - 14, 2014 supported by grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund

Joseph Blenkinsopp  
Jack Blenkinsopp Joseph Mayne    
Edward Bloomfield William McNally   WW1 Exhibition in Newton Aycliffe Town Centre supported by grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund
Thomas Boddington  
Joseph Boddy Alfred Metcalfe    
William Anthony Boddy Walter Metcalfe   Ypres Visit April 2015
Robert Bowerbank Arthur Frederick Muir   Dedication of CWGC headstone for Edward Henry Pratt
Francis Bowmer Percy Muir   Brafferton WW1 Plaque
George Bowmer    
Thomas Bowmer    
John Brannigan Alick Nelson  
George Briggs Harry Nelson  
Arthur Robert Bruce William Nelson  
Ernest William Buckle    
George Bullen    
John Bullen Arthur Oakley  
Alfred Bunting George Oakley   Mary Magdeline Church
Louis Ethelbert Burbidge Harold Oakley    
James Burns Percy Edmundson Oates   A bronze commemorative plaque was removed from Mary Magdeline Church, Church Lane, Coatham Mundeville in 1979 when the chapel, built in 1864, was converted to a house. It is now in Brafferton Village Hall and reads: "In grateful memory of the undernamed who gave their lives for the liberties of mankind in the Great War 1914 - 1918."
Spensley Burns Robert Storey Oates  
Thomas Butterfield CWGC Patrick O'Neill  
Thomas Hopper Carrick William Palmer    
John Christie William Long Palmer   Private John Barton, Royal Fusiliers
Joseph Christie James Parker   Lieut. Col J P V Hawksley D.S.O., Royal Field Artillery
William Albert Christie John Parker   Private Archibald S Marquis, 2nd Durham Lt. Infantry
Herbert Christie Ernest Pedley   Sergeant Taylor Peirson, 12th Yorks Regiment
Edgar Clethero William Pinkney   Lce Corporal Charles Henry Slater, 9th Yorks Regiment CWGC
John William Clethero
Albert Clethero
Thomas Alfred Clethero
Cecil Frederick Gottlieb Coles Albert Plaskitt   Corporal John Tweddle, 8th Border Regiment
Leonard Vincent Potts   Corporal William Vickers, Australian Imperial Force
Herbert Thorwald Coles     Others serving from Coatham Mundeville
John Godfrey Coles Arthur Vincent Pratt   David Cecil Marquis
Charles Harry Cornick      
James Hutchinson Coulson James William Quickmire    
George Thomas Cox      
John Wanless Cox      
Christopher Cree John Walley Rangecroft    
Adam Cree George Richardson    
Joseph Henry Crusher Joseph Rippeth    
Robert Barker Crusher Robert Rippeth    
  Arthur Robinson    
  Benjamin Robinson    
Robert Addison Dale Charles Edwin Robinson    
Benjamin Aaron Davies Fred Robinson    
Peter Williams Davies Percy Robinson    
William Henry Davies William Lincoln Robinson    
George William Davison William Robinson    
Matthew Denham William Robinson    
Frederick Dent James Edward Robson  
David Dickinson Robert Rowell    
George Dickinson      
Aaron Ditchburn      
Thomas Lackenby Ditchburn Arthur Huntly Sargeant    
William Robert Ditchburn Jack Sargeant    
Albert William Dove Charles Rutherford Scott    
George Dring Henry Scott    
Arthur Duck Walter Robert Scott    
Edward John Duck Alick Searle    
Oliver Edward Dunn Harry Searle    
  Robert Searle    
Charles Robert Edwards James Shelmerdine    
John Errington James Slack    
Frederick Everson Albert Smith    
  Edward Smith    
  G Stevenson    
Simon Fairnie George Stocks    
Walter Fairnie William Storey    
Michael Farrell      
Herbert Farrow Frederick Taylor    
Thomas Walker Ferguson Herbert Thomas    
Ambrose Binks Firby Wilfred Thompson    
George Ernest Foulger Edwin Tiffney    
Ernest Arthur Franklin Alfred Timbs    
Richard William Freeman Arthur Thomas Timbs    
John Thomas Furness George Henry Timbs    
Alfred Ascanius Futter Richard Timbs    
Harry Newton Futter George Tweddle    
John George Futter      
Samuel Futter Thomas Henry Wake    
  Wilfred Hereward Wake    
Walter Galloway Harry Walker    
Percy John Garthwaite Jacob Walker    
Harry Mills Garthwaite J. Walker    
Arthur George Geldard John George Wallis    
Stephen Gladwin Herbert Wardle    
Harry Hildreth Goldsbrough John Alfred Wardle CWGC    
Charles Goodwin Thomas Waterworth    
John Thomas Gosling Joseph Watson    
James William Graham Charles Wheadon    
Walter Graham      
Herbert Grainger James Walter White    
  Walter Donkin White    
William Hall Maud Elizabeth Wilson    
John Joseph Hardy Robert Sharpe Wilson    
Robert Hardy Thomas William Wooff    
Thomas Hardy Thomas Wright    
Ralph William Hebdon      
Thomas William Hedworth      
John Hewitt James Young    
George Holliday      
Thomas Holliday More Loyal Lads from Aycliffe    
Ernest Hollingworth      
Frederick Horseman      
George Alfred Jagger      
Lawrence Jessop      
Alfred Johnson      
Joseph Edwin Johnson      
Robert Kendall      
Alfred Joseph Kent      
Edwin Kent      
George E. Kent      
Harold Leslie Kent      
James Cecil Kent      
John Walter Kent      
Norman Kent    
William Kent      
Robert Robson Lamb      
Andrew Lane's father      
John Willie Lax CWGC      
Joseph Leadbitter    
Annie Leafe    
Henry Stephen Lee      
Patrick Lee    
John Robert Leng      
James Leng      
Nicholas Lewis      
John Liddle      
Ambrose Lockey
Edwin Lockey
George Lockey
James Lockey
William Lockey    
Thomas Lowery    
Thomas Lowery D.C.M.    
Charles Henry Ludgate