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  It is hoped to develop the history of schools in the Great Aycliffe area. Below are several photographs that were brought to the Exhibition and were scanned. Also photographs sent bythe grandchildren of Mr Thompson, and the log of the first day of Aycliffe Diamond Jubilee School  
Log book entry of first day of the Diamond Jubilee School
Mr Thompson
Mr Thompson
First day log of Aycliffe Diamond Jubilee School
Mr Thompson
Mr Thompson
Mr Thompson and party
Career of Mr Thompson
School photograph - when?
Mr Thompson and party
When was this school photograph taken?
Mr Waler retirement 1972
Retirement of Mr Walker 1972
Aycliffe Village school play 1975ish
Mr Walker's retirement 1972
Mr Walker's retirement 1972
Aycliffe Village School play 1975ish
Church School
Charles Scott's Attendance Certificate
School children, 1910
Church School
Charles Scott's Attendance Certificate
School children 1910
Cookery Class
School 1946
Cookery class
Old village school group
Whitley Bay 1960
1951 Aycliffe Diamond Jubilee School class
Old village school group
Aycliffe Village School trip to Whitley Bay, 1960. The adults are the , Mr Walker,( Headteacher) and Mrs Whitehead (teacher).

Aycliffe Diamond Jubilee School, 1951

Back row, l-r: Delia Norris, Trevor Plaskitt, David Moses, Martin Farrow, Michael Rickaby, Peter Wheedon, Ena (Georgina) Blenkinsopp, Maureen Collins/Colling

Middle row, l-r: Ruth Chadwick, Audrey Dowson, Joyce Blenkinsopp, Yvonne Andrews, Mr. Raymond I. Walker (Class and Head teacher), Sally Kent, Joy Forster, Joan Swinbank, Nancy Cowper

Front row, l-r: Danny ?, Geoffrey Beadle, Ronnie Bainbridge, Malcolm Brown, Lesley Atkinson

Photograph courtesy Joan Bleasdale

Aycliffe School 1955/6


Back row: Mr Clark, Geraldine and Mervyn Smith, ?, Mrs Parker

Middle row: Sheila Wilkinson, David Wilson, Hubert Ord, sister of David Wilson, John Hall, girl? Vera Burton, Edith Tweddle, Eileen Fuller, ?Margaret Snowball, boy?

Front row: Stuart Smith, Ann Tweddle, girl Weldon?, Janet Robinson, David Hall, Jean Elstob, Phillip Weldon, Bryan Raine, Chris Firby, George Fraquet, Judith Spears

Photograph courtesy of Alison Firby